Green Coffee Beans

Our green coffee bean offering is a first step in bringing a wide selection of green coffee beans to our customers. We will be adding new coffees as it arrives in our warehouse. Information regarding beans will also be updated. Please let us know how we can improve. If you are looking for coffees that are not listed, please let us know and we may be able to add.


Quantities and discounts 1 lb - 2 lbs - 10 lbs

On our website we are offering green beans in in 1 lb increments. When ordering 2 x 1 lb of the same beans, you will receive a 2 lbs bag of coffee at 10% discount. When ordering 10 x 1 lb of the same beans, you will receive a 10 lb box of coffee at 15% discount. 


Availability and inventory errors

We will do our best to keep sufficient inventory and will replenish promptly if inventory is low. As coffee gets sold in our brick-and-mortar store and online, there may be errors in inventory availability. This may lead to a delay in fulfillment and shipping. We will let you know when that is the case.



We charge a flat $15 shipping fee to subsidize for high Canada Post shipping cost. Customers in Northern Canadian and remote locations that incur a higher shipping cost will be asked for additional shipping cost.